Minuteman Boston Terrier Club

Minuteman Boston Terrier Club Rescue
by Sandy Gauld

The Minuteman Boston Terrier Club is a group of Boston Terrier fanciers. The members of this club are made up of Boston Terrier lovers; some breeders and show their Boston Terriers, some are pet owners, all enjoy the breed. For members that do breed their purebred show dogs, their ultimate goal is the betterment of the breed. The majority of the puppies sold, go with a clause stating if for any reason the dog can't be kept it can be returned to the breeder. A reputable breeder feels a responsibility for the lives of the dogs they produce, taking back puppies and finding them homes.

Many people have asked about our club and how the rescue program fits in. No matter what interest we have in our Bostons, we all agree that Boston Terriers are pretty wonderful dogs. It is because of this belief that ALL Bostons are special, that rescue was started. This club reaches out though it's rescue program to any Boston that is in need. If a dog should became abandoned, unwanted or for whatever reason is in need of a new home, our rescue steps in to help. M.B.T.C. Rescue works with the animal shelters, vet clinics or simply anyone giving up Boston Terriers. We pick up the dogs, provide foster care and get them back on their feet physically and mentally. The dogs temperaments are evaluated, they are groomed, taken to the vet for a health check, vaccinated and receive medical treatment as need, training starts and when the dogs are ready they are put up for adoption.

The club's rescue service has a long list of people that filled out adoption questionnaires. The information is kept on file until a dog that "fits" the adopter comes in. The foster parent critiques the dog, screens the potential adopters and finds the best match for a new home. Again we are here for the life of the dogs and if for any reason a placement should not work out the rescue dog comes back to his foster parent. It is often hard as a foster parent to let a dog go after you have nurtured it for the duration, but there is enormous satisfaction in having the new owners talk about how special the dog is and hearing about the joy it has brought in to their lives.

A thank you goes out to all those people that have opened their lives and their hearts to adopt a rescue dog. It is not always easy right from the beginning. Sometimes it requires great patience and an abundance of TLC to get though the rough spots. In the end they receive the love of a truly special Boston and the knowledge that they have been a part of a very worthy cause. Thank you also to those that have made donations to help defray the costs of helping these Bostons start new lives. We couldn't have done it without you.

MBTC Rescue Service provides assistance to Boston Terriers in need in the New England area. We offer adoption services/transport/home fostering and rehabilitative training. Dogs are vetted, groomed and assessed before placement. We are a smaller rescue providing a lot of 1 to 1 and special care to our dogs. Extra effort is put into ensuring successful happy placements with careful matches and future support and assistance for new adopters.

The MBTC Rescue has become a member of Petfinder.
Petfinder is an online location that lets you search for adoptable pets, locate shelters and rescue groups, browse a resource library, post classified pet ads or sign up to be a volunteer. It is one of the most valuable resources for people interested in pets and their welfare.

The MBTC need your help!!
We appreciate any help you may offer, our Rescue Chairman Shelley Sears does as much as she can, but we need volunteers to help her with the Rescue of our beloved breed.
Please if you think you might be able to help, don't hesitate in call Shelley.

MBTC Rescue Application

The Minuteman Rescue Chairman is:
Shelley Sears








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